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Another advanced equipment of Brother Road Sign is officially opened!

2021-12-15 02:19:58

Traffic safety management departments and industry units have always attached importance to the important relationship between the visibility of road markings, retroreflection coefficient and road safety.

It is very important for road driving safety to grasp and evaluate the retroreflection coefficient of road markings timely and accurately.

At present, since most roads are in the maintenance and operation period, the original portable detection equipment adopts road closure and fixed-point detection methods for small-scale detection at the time of delivery and completion, but not for large-scale marking lines that are already in the operation and maintenance stage. Applicable, more secure detection technology and products are required.

Therefore, in response to this situation, Brother Roadmark uses a dynamic and fast vehicle-mounted marking detection device - Brother Roadmark Road Marking Mobile Detection Station, which ensures the safety of the inspection personnel while detecting.

Brother Road Sign Road Marking Mobile Detection Station

Introduction of mobile detection station for road marking

five advantages

Professional measuring head

Small in size, light in weight, conforming to CEN geometry, with advanced dynamic multi-line sensor, and built-in stabilization system to prevent jitter. The equivalent measurement distance is 6 meters, and the measurement area is 1 meter by 0.8 meters rectangular distance.

It is a device on the market that can distinguish and measure three marking lines at one time. Whether it is a highway or an urban road, it can accurately collect markings of various types and colors.

High-tech acquisition platform

Using an industrial-grade touch-screen tablet computer, it has a sampling rate of 300 measurements per second and a collection speed of up to 150 km/h. In the case of maintaining high precision, the collection efficiency is improved.

Analyzing Software

Equipped with analysis software, it can dynamically observe the marking and acquisition status in real time. At the same time, single-point measurement results and average sampling results of separation distances are provided.

Inertial Navigation GPS

With inertial navigation GPS, it is not afraid of no-signal areas such as tunnels, and location information can be recorded at all driving positions.

Effect advantage

Compared with hand-held measuring instruments, the measurement efficiency is increased by 150%

The launch of the mobile detection station for road markings has enriched Brother Roadmark's technical equipment capabilities and raised Brother Roadmark's technical services to a whole new level.

The road of chasing dreams will never end; those who pursue dreams will start their journey again. In the future, Brother Road Sign will start a journey of high-speed development and high-quality development, and meet people's beautiful yearning for safe travel!



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