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What are the differences of marking paint used in different sections

2021-07-17 03:34:26

Different roads have different regulations on the reflective performance of road markings, so the marking coatings applied on different roads are different, and there are many types of marking coatings. Next, let's see which marking coatings are suitable for several common roads.


1. For "general pavement", the reflective pavement marking paint shall be selected as far as possible. Generally, there are few equipment such as signboards and outline markers on the road, and there is no indoor lighting. Moreover, motor vehicles and other vehicles are mixed to drive. The real-time road conditions are complex and the driving at night is very bad. In order to avoid accidents, it is proposed that the road management method unit should add a variety of road traffic equipment, and the road marking paint with very good backlight effect should be selected as far as possible to draw the line engineering construction.

2. "Processing plant and school gates, municipal road turns, intersections and other roads" use two-component colorful ground architectural coatings. In this kind of key road, the gorgeous ground belt marked with two-component colorful ground architectural paint can not only improve the vigilance of drivers, alleviate the speed per hour, avoid moving, but also maintain the passing pedestrians.

3. The airport and flight area shall be painted with high navigational aids. Airport, helipad and other road markings shall be drawn with high navigation aid sign architectural paint. The road markings must have high face value and good reflective performance. They can be clearly visible even in rainy days, so as to improve the working ability of aircraft to take off and land quickly.

The proper application of marking paint can reasonably avoid road traffic accidents, so great attention should be paid to engineering construction.



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