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What is hot melt marking paint?

2020-12-26 02:02:10

Hot melt marking paint is a kind of architectural paint applied on the road to mark traffic markings. Traffic marking is a kind of safety sign and a silent "language" in road traffic.

There are three types of pavement marking coatings applied in China: hot melt type, water-soluble type and solution type at room temperature. Road traffic safety management method units use traffic markings to improve road traffic safety management methods, reduce safety accidents and clean up municipal roads. The conspicuous traffic markings lie in the marking paint with good performance. With the ecological environment protection of contemporary engineering construction and the high regulations on wear resistance, ground anti-skid, weather resistance and use performance of road markings, the cost reducing hot-melt marking coating has become the pavement marking coating in China. When changing the fluidity of hot-melt coatings, it is generally completed by improving the composition of epoxy resin or applying various processing additives. This kind of practice makes the architectural coatings dry and difficult at the level. In addition, it will lead to the soft coating and easy to stick to the waste. In addition, the more critical point is to improve the composition of modifier or epoxy resin in architectural coatings, which will also increase the manufacturing cost of architectural coatings. According to the adjustment of the proportion of flow aids in architectural coatings, on the premise of quality and quantity, make architectural coatings have excellent circulation and beneficial to engineering construction, and achieve the purpose of manipulating cost.

Hot melt retro gloss marking paint is mainly used for roads and highways above grade 2. The thickness of the road marking coating drawn by this kind of architectural paint is (1.0 ~ 2.5) mm. The architectural paint is stained with retro gloss glass beads, and the retro gloss glass beads are sprinkled on the surface during the construction of line drawing project. This kind of road marking has excellent night reflection performance and long service life. It is generally up to (2 ~ 3) years according to the estimation of the demand of various pavement marking coatings for highway construction with large traffic flow and the quality of architectural coatings. The engineering construction of hot-melt coating requires heating equipment. When re coating the old road markings, the thick old coating shall be cleaned first before coating.

The hot-melt marking paint is solid powder at normal temperature. During the construction of the project, the construction paint funds are invested in the melting kettle. The temperature in the kettle is controlled at 180 ℃ ~ 210 ℃. It is mixed while melting. After the melting shows melting fluidity, it is put into the thermal insulation melting silo of the marking car. Melt the architectural coating, and then back into the drawing bucket, and keep the raw materials in a molten state with heat insulation. Before drawing the line, there is a pre marked part of the road marking machine, and the coating machine shall be put down on the coating part marked in the design drawing to apply the coating paint. The marking paint can be applied only after the lower coating agent is dry. At the beginning of line drawing, the line drawing bucket should be placed on the ground, because there is a gap between the line drawing bucket and the road surface. When the marking car moves forward, it scrapes and wipes a neat road marking by full-automatic wandering. The glass bead spreader can automatically and evenly pave a layer of returning glass beads on the road markings.




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