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County Magistrate Shen Zhiwei visited brothers road sign for investigation and guidance

2021-07-03 12:42:43


At 3:00 p.m. on July 2, the county magistrate Shen Zhiwei and other leaders went to Zhejiang brother road sign coating Co., Ltd. for investigation and guidance to investigate the recent production and work of our company. General manager Zhu Jianxin, assistant general manager Zhu Yukang and other responsible persons received warmly and introduced the factory in detail.



County Magistrate Shen and his party visited the production workshop of the factory. General manager Zhu Jianxin introduced the production equipment and production capacity of Zhejiang brother road sign coating Co., Ltd. to county magistrate Shen in detail. County magistrate Shen had an in-depth understanding of our market scale and the research and development progress of new products, and affirmed the efforts made by Zhejiang brother road sign coating Co., Ltd. in developing the market and making progress.


After visiting the completed factory, county magistrate Shen pointed out that the production equipment is part of the hard strength of the enterprise. Brother road signs can not be satisfied with the existing market achievements. They should vigorously improve their technical equipment level, increase their production scale, provide more good products for the traffic safety industry and contribute to traffic safety.



On the occasion of parting, county magistrate Shen fully affirmed the achievements of brother road sign in recent years and placed expectations on the future of Zhejiang brother road sign coating Co., Ltd.



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