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Warmly celebrate the successful completion of the research project of brother road signs at Beijing University of technology!

2021-07-14 03:29:46

On June 7, 2021, "research project on safety visual recognition characteristics of road traffic markings" officially began in brother road signs East China base.

Professor Hu of Beijing University of technology led the research team to visit the brother road sign marking coating research institute. Under the introduction of technicians, the research team learned about the existing marking experimental equipment and the strength of the technical research team.

Subsequently, accompanied by technicians, the research team of Beijing University of technology visited the "octopus", the first domestic marking wheel pressure and wear-resistant test platform independently developed by brother road signs, conducted in-depth discussions with technicians on the operation principle of the platform and the reliability of the obtained data, and provided valuable suggestions.

The purpose of this experiment is to analyze the performance of different retroreflective markings under different brightness environment, different color temperature environment and different light sources.

In order to obtain rigorous and reliable data, the research team created different experimental scenarios, and each variable was recorded hundreds of times.

In order to obtain accurate data of night environment, the research team worked hard all night to show us the enterprising spirit of Beigong adults who "keep on being the body and make innovation the way"!

On July 12, 2021, after the successful completion of the experimental project, Beijing University of technology and brother road signs jointly organized and held a summary meeting of the experimental project.

First of all, the research team thanked the brothers for their strong support. Subsequently, they communicated with brother road sign technicians on the experimental results, and the two sides exchanged ideas and suggestions on the experimental project, which laid the foundation for the second cooperation between the two sides.

At the end of the meeting, president Zhu said that the research results of the project pointed out the direction for the research and development of marking paint products in the future, and placed expectations on the future development of the research team.



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