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Marking paint is applied on the road for marking

2021-03-17 04:31:11

Mark the road with marking paint. It is a sign and "language expression" in highway traffic. Road traffic units use road markings to improve road traffic, reduce safety accidents and clean up roads in big cities. The prominent road marking lies in the marking paint with excellent characteristics. The structure of hot melt marking paint needs heating equipment. When recoating old marks, the thick old coating shall be removed before painting. The molten coating is then introduced into the scriber barrel to keep it warm and maintain the melting of raw materials. Before marking, the pre marking machine has marked parts. According to the specific painting parts of the design icon, paint the finish paint in the primer machine.

The marking paint can be applied only after the next coating agent is dry. When marking, the marking bucket shall be placed on the road. Because there is a gap between the laser marking bucket and the road surface, the laser marking vehicle shall draw neat marking lines automatically when driving forward. The glass marble seeder can automatically and evenly place a layer of reflective glass marble on the drawing line. Hot melt marking paint uses the thermosetting of anti-corrosion paint to make the hot-melt paint dry quickly. The hot-melt characteristics of anti-corrosion paint make the marking paint firmly adhere to the ground. Hot melt reflective road marking coatings are generally composed of additives, such as thermoplastic, color paste and filler and their reflective raw materials.

The hot melt coating is in powder form at indoor temperature. The volatile component has no organic solvent. Heat the houses and buildings in the road marking line to melt them, then cover them on the road surface with professional equipment, and dry and fix the film according to the physical cold doubt. For the hot melt floor coating, its fluidity is a very key performance index during the construction period. Road marking paint is a sign, which is the "language expression" in the traffic travel of expressway.




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