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Gathering Brothers and Creating the Future Together | The 2022 Dealer Conference was a complete success

2022-03-21 02:33:42
2022 Brothers Road Sign Dealer Conference

Gathering Brothers and Creating the Future Together

Guangxi | Guilin


On March 15, 2022, the 2022 Brother Road Sign Dealer Conference was held at the Great Falls Hotel in Guilin, Guangxi. Dealers from all over the country gathered together to review 2021 and write 2022 together!

Conference Registration


meeting starts

This dealer conference was hosted by Zhu Yukang, assistant to the general manager of Zhejiang Brother Roadmark Coatings Co., Ltd.


Message from the Chairman

The chairman's speech provided valuable market directions and ideas to dealers. Only by constantly innovating, integrating channels, breaking through bottlenecks, and developing ourselves can we achieve a real new situation and leap into the future.

Award ceremony

At this meeting, the company awarded awards to the outstanding dealers in 2021. This is not only an affirmation of the achievements of the dealers, but also an encouragement to the partners to make persistent efforts.

Group photo of award-winning dealers

Mr. Zhu awarded the champion medal to the Zhejiang Provincial Dream Transportation General Manager

Mr. Zhu presented the runner-up medals to Mr. Wu of Jiangsu Oriental and Mr. Long Xiong of Hunan Xinghui

Mr. Zhu presented the third runner-up medal to Mr. Tang of Shengxi Traffic, Mr. Li of Jingsheng Business and Mr. Zhang of Shandong Tusheng

Mr. He awarded medals to Mr. Liu, Mr. Ye of Xiutai Communications and Mr. Zhang of Ganzhou Innovation

Mr. He awarded medals to Mr. Fu of Hongsheng Transportation, Mr. Zheng of Shuntao Transportation, Mr. Yin of Qinhai Transportation, and Mr. Zheng of Hebei Brothers

Strategy and Planning

Despite the economic downturn and the pressure from peers, through Mr. Zhu's wonderful sharing, we are more confident in promoting high-quality markings and creating a better future together!

Dealer representative speaks

Through the wonderful speeches of the dealers, we have been given new ideas to meet new opportunities and challenges. At the same time, as a responsible company, Brother Lubiao will ensure product quality as always, and provide after-sales worry-free support for the majority of dealers!

Incentive Policy Release

Through the wonderful sharing of Mr. He Xiaofeng, the person in charge of Guangxi Brothers, let us understand such a good marketing policy. In the future, Brother Road Sign will forge ahead hand in hand with dealer friends to create brilliance together.

Product Description

In 2022, Brother Roadmark will increase investment, and actively build a first-class brand of marking lines from various aspects such as technology, products, channels, and services, and expand the depth and breadth of sales channels.

Authorization Ceremony

The outstanding achievements of Brother Road Sign are inseparable from the strong support of dealers and friends. In the future, we will have more confidence in winning the future, and the spirit of mutual cooperation will always shine brightly.

dinner thank you

2022 Brothers Road Sign Dealer Conference

Gathering Brothers and Creating the Future Together

Finished perfectly!

Let's look forward to 2023 together



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