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The application of primer plays an important role in marking paint

2022-02-10 02:04:51

Whether it is on a new concrete floor or on an old asphalt road, it is necessary to apply a professional undercoating agent for the construction of road marking projects in the process of covering the old lines. In the construction process of hot-melt marking paint, primer is the key reason for whether the marking line falls off. The application of the primer plays an important role in the marking paint.


The new asphalt road contains a lot of bitumen organic compounds. It has arbitrary miscibility with the binder petroleum resin in architectural coatings. At the same time, the construction temperature is 180-220°C. It is higher than the melting point of bitumen. During the construction process, the petroleum resin and bitumen (which have been melted) are mixed with each other to form a whole. There is no clear interface between the ground and the road marking, which improves the effect of mutual force. .

The concrete floor itself is a water-absorbing chemical substance. From a visual point of view, the concrete floor is soluble in oil, and has a small bond with the petroleum resin. At the same time, the concrete is rigid and the ground deformation is small, while the architectural coating itself is thermosetting. When it is cold, it is also rigid, and the general asphalt road primer is a non-structural glue. To combine the two together, this requires that it has good ductility, and at the same time, road markings will receive various angles of impact in application, which in turn requires that the concrete finish should have good tear resistance. The asphalt road and the architectural paint form a whole, which is different from the case where the concrete floor and the architectural paint are separated, so the concrete floor should have a special primer. Because of the less asphalt on the road surface, the sand and gravel materials of the old asphalt roads have been highlighted on the ground, so the characteristics are close to the concrete ground. Generally, concrete ground primers or special supporting facilities primers are also used.

It is not difficult to see that no matter what kind of ground it is on, a suitable primer should be applied. I hope the introduction of marking paint manufacturers will be helpful to you. If you want to buy marking paint, or carry out road marking construction, you are warmly welcome to call us.



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