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Application and development of hot melt coatings

2021-12-15 09:51:40

The hot-melt coating is different from other road markings. The hot-melt coating does not contain solvent volatiles. During the construction of the project, the electrostatic powder is heated and melted, and then coated on the floor with professional equipment. After solidification, it becomes a bright sign. Therefore, its coating principle does not depend on the volatilization of general architectural coatings, but on physical solidification and dry solid. Because the hot-melt coating has the characteristics of ultra rapid dryness, strong anti-wear performance and night light return in the construction process, its application scope and use are also gradually expanding. Applicable to urban roads and key roads with heavy traffic.

Because the coating of hot-melt coating is much thicker than other architectural coatings (generally, the use amount of hot-melt coating with a thickness of 1.5 ~ 2mm is about 4 ~ 5kg / m2), although the price of hot-melt coating is more cost-effective than other architectural coatings, the total area cost of enterprise coating is very high, which is generally several times higher than that of architectural coatings at room temperature, and it is not available in areas with less developed economic development. In addition, hot melt coatings have higher requirements for real-time road conditions and are used for new roads. It is not suitable for asphalt roads with long-term aging and cracking.

The architectural coatings for road marking construction in China include indoor temperature architectural coatings and hot-melt coatings. Both of them are in the process of rapid development and are quite different from capitalist countries. The research content of road marking construction architectural coatings is to use experimental instruments such as software, under the innovation of modern scientific and technological theory, develop epoxy resin and other chemical raw materials for building coatings by using products from the arrival station, and produce and manufacture epoxy resin raw materials for road marking construction architectural coatings by using contemporary generation methods such as copolymers, modified materials and patchwork, so as to scientifically study the outstanding characteristics, high quality and low price New road marking construction architectural coatings suitable for pavement in China.









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